Apotheon is the best Metrovania-style game I've played since Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. It may not be the most popular genre in the world but it's a classic one and I enjoy it.

Obviously, the art direction is going to win some awards. It's supposed to look like an ancient Greek vase and it pulls that off perfectly. The color palette varies by area, so the art doesn't become monotonous.

Apotheon's world is large and divided into levels for each god or boss (think Megaman, you can choose any level from the outset) and are accessible from a hub-style overworld ala Metroid. The plot is that Zeus has decided he's unhappy with humanity and has demanded the other gods stop helping us out so you have to defeat him. I don't think anyone would expect a tremendously gripping story from a metrovania game, nor is one delivered here. That's not a bad thing, though, as it puts the action at the forefront.

Apotheon is pretty solid, mechanically, with inventory management being streamlined so that essentially all items are quickslots, and combat being simple but refined (though, at times, it does handle a little like QWOP). Weapons wear out with use and can all either be handled or thrown. There's also a crafting system whereby ingredients can be combined into potions or bombs etc.

Overall, it's a polished and competent entry into the Metrovania arena, and depending on how big a fan of the genre you are, it's worth the fifteen dollar retail, otherwise its certainly worth playing whenever it goes on sale.

Final words: I'm impressed, but not amazed. 8/10

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